Our Logo

The tree we use for our logo is a much loved oak tree at the heart of the farm.

We have no idea how old it is but old enough to have seen many changes.

At waist height it has a girth of 390cm. It shelters the sheep pens where most of the sheep action happens providing shade at shearing and a natural umbrella in inclement weather.

Like all old oaks there are thousands of bugs and insects resident.It is also home to nest box number three, we have lots on the farm. Just noticed today (14 Jan 2016) the box has fallen out of the tree, it’s rotted so will be replaced before the birds start looking for a nesting site. Time to fire up the band saw. Spring 2016 update, there are blue tits nesting in the box but on the day the BTO came to check they had been hampered by the wet spring and their brood had just hatched so were left well alone.

Amongst it’s branches a Tawny owl loves to perch and hoot.