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When milking cows became no longer viable we made the decision to farm beef cattle instead. Aberdeen Angus was our breed of choice as they are docile, hardy, “good doers” (technical farming term meaning low maintainance) and are renowned for the eating quality of their meat.

We started with Angus cross female calves from the dairy herd, that is their mum was a Freisian milking cow and the dad an Angus bull, and now by keeping the best female calves and using an Angus bull each year all our cows are at least 7/8 Angus.

We only have a small herd so it’s not worth the investment of buying our own bull. Instead we hire a pedigree Angus bull each Autumn and expect to see his offspring nine months later.

This year we have Mr Beefeater, a young well bred bull who still has some growing to do but has a fine form which hopefully will pass to his calves. Calving is usually a relaxed affair with the cow going off and finding a quiet corner, reappearing a few hours later with a calf in tow.